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At Crest Mold Technology, we strive to provide the latest advancements in our industry.

Conformal Thermal Technology creates new opportunities to improve productivity. 


An additional layer of process control to your tooling will not only boost the quality and performance we build into our standard tooling , but open up new opportunities and productivity!


The addition of conformal cooling will:

  • reduce warpage

  • considerable cycle time reductions

  • the ability to tune your part with temperature for in press dimensional control 


Conformal cooling is a way of opening up multiple pathways to improve productivity both within the immediate tooling it is utilized in but also in the production line itself. 


Additional benefits include: 


  • less time in a press means your production requirements are met faster , which could open up that injection press for other projects / contracts .  Now that expensive capital investment is able to be used for multiple projects .  You’ve gained more press time without investing in more machinery or floor space !

  • Less time to create parts means less time waiting for parts .  While this seems obvious in itself , this could also translate into less space required to STORE parts .  Since many companies store banks of parts for just in time production this could help you satisfy requirements faster and lessen the need of stored parts , freeing up real estate that could be used for creating opportunities instead of boxes / crates of parts. 

  • Less real estate required ! Touched on the first point , by being able to fit more projects in existing machines , you also don’t need to add floor space to add machines to increase production capacity !

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